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Rainbow Spectrum 3D Fireworks Glasses for Wonderful Light Shows

Rainbow Spectrum 3D Fireworks glasses will be the address to a fantastic line of prism glasses. These glasses are employed while seeing fireworks and laser displays to get a hd impact, whilst the name indicates. These glasses include especially treated lenses which can be just right to transport yo…

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3D Fireworks Glasses - Feel the Joy of 3D Firework Displays

There are four principal forms of 3D being used to-day. Stereoscopic, Pulfrich, Chromadepth, and TV Eyes 3D. Each uses a different type of glasses, and a different facet of view, to create 3D images. Stereoscopic 3D, also known as binocular 3D, is the type many people think of when they think 3D. S…

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Diffraction Glasses Eliminate the Glare and Bring in the Real Living World!

Has your eye prescribed diffraction glasses for you or your child in a brand new eyeglass prescription? Maybe it's due to crossed eyes, lazy vision, or some conditions of the eyes or body.

Prisms are thin pieces of the material that's found in prescription eyeglasses. You might remember them from …

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